Humane Engineering and Design

toward Human Collective Super-Intelligence

Hey Project Catalyst!

We're proud to sponsor and develop The Cardano Catalyst Network.

This is a network for change-maker participants and teams involved in Project Catalyst. Here we can connect, share information and progress in our projects in a social context.

00. An Introduction

Project Catalyst strives to provide a safe and lively environment to explore the highest potential of human collaboration. Project Catalyst offers a unique opportunity to collectively build human co-intelligence projects outside of typically used funding modes. These are our experiments to-date to work out how Distributed Decision Making can work.

01. Experiment Index


Unstructured Swarming

Brainstorm Meets flash Mob.

We found swarm cooperation and emergent behaviours in remote-only whiteboard collaboration with no predefined authoritative or meeting structure in groups under eight members.


Real-time cooperative design rapidly, generates ideas and peer reviews. Projects in early stage greatly benefit from synchronous, super-high-bandwidth direct feedback and idea growth.

The experience was cognitively and socially fatiguing for the members who required full concentration. Swarms very rarely suit large sizes without fragmentation. It is a highly divergent system and not useful for building toward a predefined outcome.

Released: is proud to help start, continue to be a part of and support the Swarm Community.


Data Library

Co-operative Library for Links

We tried to see how a cooperative resource gathering and modification would work, but the only way to announce its development if not through centralised authority is through advertising.


We built a list of community resources and tools which we try to keep up to date, filtered and curated as a service to the Project Catalyst community.

We open-source curate for community safety and trust, but it remains hard to connect people to yet another fragmented resource online without having authoritative structures for attention and trust.


A high growth rate means the only way to notify new members about the service is to advertise periodically on social media channels. The resource became yet another dislocated resource.


Data Indexing

Data Indexing Funds and Campaigns

A structured idea management experience, community owned and operated with clean open data, fluid-ideation, high quality proposals, scalable community evaluation and cross assessment with focus on transparency.


We are compiling all the catalyst data into one structured repository but the important information is in proposals and authors, which we have limited access to without an Ideascale API.Additionally data is harder to find when users are not data-literate.

Referential integrity is hard to maintain because the project changes so much between funding rounds.


A data source for Catalyst events can work. Funding and timeline information is being used by multiple community sites already.

E03. 30 TOWN


Before we can manage ourselves at scale, we need to identify who we ware. What are the techniques needed to build core values and principles?


In Progress

Software competes for our attention, strengthens negative emotions and creates anxiety. Conversational UX finds human connection.


In Progress

Beta testing a simple, clean community network with a focus around innovation and cooperation between groups creating amazing things.



Can we foster collaboration and a financial structure to be able to work with


Funded in F6

Are we building the wrong things in a digital space? Simply bringing our problems from the centralised world and making them immutable?


Funded in F7

Building infrastructure for better decentralised governance featuring ongoing voting, collaborative editing and structured discussion.

02. Community Work


A starting point and welcome page for those new who want to engage with Project Catalyst and want to find out what the Project is about.


Our current platform is inflexible to the speeds we need to operate at. Our design is fast, beautiful and data-driven. Currently the data layer has been built with the user interface in beta.


If you're getting serious with Project Catalyst, this resource provides instructions based on the latest word in Catalyst's evolving process.

03. Ecosystem


Project Catalyst is a series of experiments which seeks to generate the highest levels of community innovation. Our community self-determines priorities for growth.


Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the capability required to create possibility and bring about positive global change.


Training wheels for collaborative governance for the Cardano network. Based on idea management technology from the 90's it provides a place for proposers to enter their ideas.

The systems we have are perfectly designed for the results we're getting.

We build Humane Decision Support Systems for Distributed Organisations.

Design Shared

Community Values

How can we identify community principles and values

if we don't start with identifying our own?

Design with groups, not for groups.



Distributed individuals that

who are engaged in deep work,

execute against complex problems more effectively.

We build teams that execute tangible results.

Crowdsource Ideas

Socialise Decisions

Reward Results

Faster more optimal group decisions

and community controlled reward distribution

across remote distributed teams.

We get the maximum reward to the best

contributions to community value.

We Connect

Developers to Contribution,

Decisions to Accountability,

and equitably distribute rewards based on

Your Community Values.

Case Study: Believably Weighted Idea Meritocracy

Ray Dalio makes the business case for using radical transparency and algorithmic decision-making to create an idea meritocracy - These strategies helped Dalio create the world's most successful hedge fund through the power of data-driven group decision-making.

The problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.

Albert Einstein


By Design

You control your data.

Find something you need.

You control the algorithms.

Stop attention theft.

Our Partners

We cooperate with the following amazing teams.

We help organisations through the volatile times ahead with

community controlled reward systems

provided through

humane software and ethics workshops.

04. Join Us

1. Swarm Culture

Develop an engaging new way of remotely collaborating in real time that has to be experienced to be understood. The Swarm combines brainstorming and flash-mobbing to create a forum for diverse perspective.

2. Gamified Education

Shaping minds who are curious to understand the world around us through key change-maker issues using gamification techniques and engaging topics so students can level up and earn responsibility within the community.

3. Humane Design

Create ethically humane digital products through patterns focused on user well-being. Create empowering design that ensures products centre on the value they provide over revenue they generate.

4. Innovation Systems

Maximise the overall quality of your innovation by using divergent and convergent processes, holistic thinking and tangibly develop early-stage design or final stage refinement.

5. Systems Engineering

For those who love to build, put your skills to use by filling in the gaps between technologies to create seamless integration into a unified decision making and governance platform.

6. Holocratic Idea Meritocracy

Combining information theory with behavioural economics to design systems that protect against human-bias while ensuring policy and project throughput. We aim for inclusivity as well as resilience.