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Designing decision-making tools and techniques

requires the entire stack of human experience.

We have a plan to make real, lasting change.

1. Swarm Culture

Develop an engaging new way of remotely collaborating in real time that has to be experienced to be understood. The Swarm combines brainstorming and flash-mobbing to create a forum for diverse perspective.

2. Gamified Education

Shaping minds who are curious to understand the world around us through key change-maker issues using gamification techniques and engaging topics so students can level up and earn responsibility within the community.

3. Humane Design

Create ethically humane digital products through patterns focused on user well-being. Create empowering design that ensures products centre on the value they provide over revenue they generate.

4. Innovation Systems

Maximise the overall quality of your innovation by using divergent and convergent processes, holistic thinking and tangibly develop early-stage design or final stage refinement.

5. Systems Engineering

For those who love to build, put your skills to use by filling in the gaps between technologies to create seamless integration into a unified decision making and governance platform.

6. Holocratic Idea Meritocracy

Combining information theory with behavioural economics to design systems that protect against human-bias while ensuring policy and project throughput. We aim for inclusivity as well as resilience.